Pregnancy Bonding: 22 Hobbies for Couples Awaiting the Big Day

An expectant couple in their living room, counting down the moments until their baby's arrival.

As your bond grows stronger, like a seed blossoming into a tree, it’s important to find activities you both enjoy during pregnancy. These shared hobbies will help strengthen your connection.

Each moment spent together, whether it’s building a puzzle outdoors or watching fish swim in an aquarium, can become a precious memory. These experiences go beyond just passing time; they weave a tapestry of moments that deepen your relationship.

Even if you are unsure of the next step to take, remember that your life is full of opportunities. You’ll discover new ways to relax and learn more about each other along the way.

Puzzle Building

You probably heard about puzzles, where you and your partner can unwind and test your teamwork through an array of intriguing challenges. It’s a great way for expecting couples to have fun and grow closer. Puzzle building is more than just putting pieces together; it’s about sharing special moments together.

Why puzzle building is perfect:

  • Improves cognitive abilities – Enhances problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • Promotes communication – Requires discussing strategies and sharing insights.
  • Stress reliever – A calming activity that eases anxiety.
  • Versatility – With various difficulty levels, there’s something for every couple.

Make puzzle building your favorite hobby for spending quality time and bonding without screens. It’s more than just solving puzzles; it’s creating lasting memories together.


astronomy under the stars

Gazing up at the vast night sky, stargazing offers pregnant couples a serene and intimate way to connect with each other and the universe. It’s a romantic and peaceful hobby, quickly becoming a top interest among expectant parents.

Exploring constellations and planets is fun, and it’s also a learning adventure you can take together. You don’t have to travel far – your backyard or a nearby spot with clear skies can turn into your own personal observatory.

This common hobby lets you both relax, appreciate the beauty of the night sky, and create special memories as you anticipate your new family member. Stargazing will bring you closer together under the shimmering stars above.

Bird Watching

nature lovers observe birds

Discover the calming hobby of bird watching, which gives expecting couples a special chance to bond in a peaceful environment. It’s a mutual interest that deepens your connection and lets you appreciate nature’s tranquility together. Whether in nearby parks, nature reserves, or your own backyard, bird watching is a flexible and relaxing activity for parents-to-be.

To enhance your bird-watching experience, consider the following:

  • Use a local bird guide to identify species.
  • Bring binoculars for a closer look.
  • Keep a bird-watching journal to document sightings.
  • Visit different locations to observe a variety of bird behaviors.

This hobby not only encourages outdoor activity but also nurtures a deepening bond through shared moments of calm and wonder in the natural world.

Aquarium Visits

The peaceful world of an aquarium can be very relaxing during pregnancy, as you admire the vibrant marine life with your partner, enjoying the serene atmosphere and fascinating colors and movements of the underwater creatures.

It’s a chance to bond over nature’s marvels, discover marine ecosystems, and cherish moments together in a tranquil setting.

Spending time in such a calming setting can create lasting memories and foster a deeper connection between you and your partner, all while nurturing a sense of wonder and tranquility during this special phase of life.

Pottery Making

art of shaping clay

Once you’ve enjoyed the tranquility of an aquarium, why not explore the hands-on and imaginative realm of pottery making as your next shared activity? Pottery making can be a profoundly therapeutic and bonding experience. Working together, shaping clay into exquisite pieces, you’ll create pottery and deepen your bond as a couple.

Pottery making can be a perfect choice for pregnant couples:

  • Be Creative: Have fun with pottery to make your own special creations that show off your style and ideas.
  • Spend Time Together: Work on pottery projects as a team to make fun memories and do something cool together.
  • Relax: Making pottery can help you relax by focusing on your work and taking a break from everyday worries.
  • Make Special Things: Create neat, stimulating decorations for your baby’s room or as family treasures to remember this special time.

Home Baking Projects

Exploring home baking together is a fun way for expecting couples to bond and enjoy making delicious treats. Baking is a creative adventure. You can try different flavors, improve your skills, and even come up with your very own special dessert. This activity will bring you closer and give you a break, a sense of achievement, and lots of joy.

Project TypeSkill LevelBenefits
CookiesBeginnerEasy, fun, customizable
BreadIntermediateRewarding, therapeutic
PiesIntermediateCreative, versatile
CakesAdvancedArtistic, celebratory
PastriesAdvancedTechnical, indulgent

These baking projects combine easy and tricky parts, so both of you can have fun, no matter your baking skills. Get that oven ready and begin your creative baking journey together!

DIY Home Decor

Moving from the kitchen to the rest of your home, engaging in DIY home decor projects offers an equally creative and bonding experience as you prepare for your baby’s arrival. Personalizing the nursery or your entire home not only makes spaces feel more welcoming but also imbues them with a sense of love and anticipation. Transform your living space into a cozy, personalized sanctuary.

Create a Time Capsule

preserving memories for future

Creating a time capsule with your partner lets you save memories from your pregnancy journey for later. It’s a way to strengthen your bond and imagine the future together.

ItemSignificanceFuture Reflection
Ultrasound PicturesFirst glimpse of babyMarvel of life
Letters to BabyPersonal hopes & dreamsShare your love
MementosJourney highlightsRelive the moments

Choose a sturdy container and set a date to revisit these tokens of your pregnancy. As you gather items, reflect on your feelings, hopes, and dreams. Opening this time capsule will be a deeply meaningful experience, connecting past, present, and future in a profound way.

Urban Sketching

Urban sketching amidst the vibrant city life provides a peaceful and creative escape for expecting couples like you, helping you bond while honing your artistic skills. Capturing the essence of your surroundings through sketches not only enhances your observation abilities but also unlocks your artistic potential. As you explore diverse cityscapes together, you’ll discover unique moments and perspectives to immortalize in your artwork.

Candle Crafting

candle making hobby explained

Candle-crafting can be a delightful and calming activity for expecting couples, offering joy, relaxation, and a sense of achievement.

  • Unique Relaxing Experience: Candle crafting is a unique way for pregnant couples to relax and unleash their creativity together.
  • Exploration of Creativity: Candle crafting is an exploration of a variety of designs, colors, and molds to turn plain wax into personalized works of art.
  • Scent and Technique Exploration: Experience the soothing and creative aspects through experimenting with different scents and techniques.
  • Bonding Through Accomplishments: Strengthen your bond by celebrating shared achievements and illuminating your home with the gentle, comforting light of your handmade candles.
  • Personalized Gifts: Handcrafted candles make heartfelt and personalized gifts for loved ones, adding a special touch to any occasion.
  • Enhancing Home Ambiance: The candles you create add beauty to your home.

Board Game Nights

fun filled game gatherings

After exploring the serene world of candle crafting, let’s turn up the fun with board game nights, a lively way for pregnant couples to connect and unwind. Board game nights are a fun and fantastic method to engage your mind, bond with your partner, and create cherished memories together.

Engaging in light-hearted competition can significantly lower stress levels. Keep your minds sharp with strategic games that challenge your thinking, and enjoy the quality time together.

Yoga for Couples

practicing yoga together strengthens

Exploring yoga together offers pregnant couples a unique opportunity to strengthen their bodies, minds, and relationship during this transformative time.

Practicing yoga as a pair boosts flexibility and strength and promotes relaxation, making it a valuable tool for managing pregnancy-related discomfort and stress.

What’s more, prenatal yoga classes designed for couples create a supportive space to foster emotional well-being. It’s an interesting way to deepen intimacy, boost communication, and tighten the bond between partners as they embark on the journey of parenthood.

Engaging in couples yoga cultivates a profound sense of connection and unity, laying a solid foundation for the family dynamics to come. It’s a bonding experience that benefits both the physical and emotional facets of your relationship.

Online Cooking Classes

learn to cook online

Online cooking classes can introduce expecting couples to the pleasure of cooking together, mastering new recipes and techniques from the coziness of their home. These classes provide not just convenience but also accommodate diverse preferences and dietary requirements, making sure there’s a culinary delight for everyone.

Here’s why you should consider them:

  1. Variety of Cuisines: Explore global flavors and dishes.
  2. Dietary Considerations: Find classes that suit your nutritional needs.
  3. Skill Enhancement: Both partners can improve their culinary abilities.
  4. Quality Time: Enjoy bonding over the creation of meals.

Expert instructors will guide you through each step, making the process interactive and enjoyable. It’s a fantastic way for couples to spend quality time together while preparing for the family meals that lie ahead.

Scrapbook Baby Memories

cherishing childhood moments forever

Scrapbooking baby memories offers a lovely way for expecting couples to capture and treasure the precious moments of pregnancy and early parenthood. This creative pastime lets you document the journey of expecting and welcoming your child in a personalized keepsake filled with photos, mementos, and journal entries.

Scrapbooking goes beyond preserving memories; it’s an opportunity to bond over shared experiences and express emotions creatively. By organizing and decorating pages, you revisit memorable moments and create a lasting visual story of your baby’s early years.

Plant a Baby Garden

Planting a baby garden presents a special opportunity for you as expecting parents to plant the seeds of love and anticipation, tending to them as they grow into a vibrant symbol of your path to parenthood. This endeavor is more than just about gardening; it’s about nurturing your bond and getting ready for the future.

To make your baby garden special, consider these four steps:

  • Choose plants with meanings or significant to your family.
  • Plan the garden layout together, discussing what each section represents.
  • Schedule regular gardening sessions to nurture your plants and bond.
  • Celebrate each milestone as your garden grows, mirroring your journey towards parenthood.

Make Homemade Ice Cream

delicious homemade ice cream

Making homemade ice cream together satisfies cravings and deepens your connection as future parents. You can blend wholesome ingredients to whip up distinctive flavor combinations as bold as you wish. This goes beyond mere indulgence; it’s about creating memories, sharing laughs over mishaps, and relishing the results of your teamwork, one delicious spoonful at a time.

BenefitsWhy It’s Special
Healthier OptionsControl what goes into your treat, ensuring it’s good for both mom and baby.
Creative FreedomMix and match flavors for a unique creation.
Lasting MemoriesShare moments of joy and satisfaction, building memories together.

Origami Crafting

creative paper folding art

Origami can provide expecting couples a peaceful and creative way to bond and relax together. This calming hobby strengthens your connection and is also budget-friendly, needing nothing more than paper to begin.

Here’s why you’ll love origami:

  1. Calming Influence: The focus and patience needed help reduce stress, making it perfect for pregnancy.
  2. Minimal Supplies: All you need is paper, making it an accessible hobby.
  3. Creative Decor: Create beautiful decorations for your nursery or handmade gifts for your baby.
  4. Strengthened Bond: Working on projects together enhances your connection, turning each fold into a shared memory.

Aquascaping Together

Transitioning from the art of origami to the tranquil world of aquascaping, you and your partner can create underwater landscapes that bring a touch of nature into your home.

In aquascaping you choose aquatic plants, rocks, and ornaments together. Maintaining it together fosters communication and mutual care.

Learn Calligraphy

In calligraphy, you and your partner can discover the joy of creating art with every stroke of the pen, personalizing everything from nursery decorations to baby shower invites with elegance and style. This artistic hobby, besides creating, helps you build shared experience. Learning calligraphy offers a meditative escape, fostering a deeper bond as you both focus on the beauty of the written word.

To get started, consider these essentials:

  1. A basic calligraphy kit with various nibs and inks.
  2. High-quality practice paper.
  3. A guidebook for beginners.
  4. Online tutorials for step-by-step instructions.

Create Baby’s First Playlist

Let’s kickstart your parenting by curating baby’s first playlist together, a delightful activity that enhances your bond and positively influences your baby’s development. Here’s how to make this experience enriching and enjoyable:

  • Select soothing and calming music: This process helps in reducing stress for both of you and also fosters a tranquil environment for your baby.
  • Incorporate lullabies and songs with positive lyrics: Setting up a playlist with serene tunes and uplifting words creates an atmosphere that can positively influence your baby’s mood and development, even before birth.
  • Collaborate on the playlist: This is a meaningful way to connect with each other and with your soon-to-arrive little one.

Vintage Wine Collecting

While you’re curating baby’s first playlist, consider starting a vintage wine collection as well, a hobby that can celebrate your love for fine wines and also marks the special milestones ahead in your family’s heritage. Vintage wine collecting involves selecting bottles with significant aging potential, turning them into an investment that matures alongside your growing family. Imagine the joy of uncorking a well-aged bottle at your child’s graduation or presenting them with a special bottle as a wedding gift.

Geocaching Adventure

outdoor treasure hunt activity

Set off on a geocaching adventure, which is a modern-day treasure hunt. It can offer pregnant couples a chance to explore the great outdoors and strengthens their bond through shared discovery and teamwork.

This activity promotes physical activity, mental engagement, and deeper connection between you both.

Benefits of hobbies for pregnant couples

pregnant couples enjoy hobbies

Exploring hobbies together during pregnancy can significantly strengthen your bond, making communication more effortless and meaningful.

Here’s how hobbies provide support during these transformative months:

  • Strengthen Bonds: Shared activities deepen connections between partners.
  • Improve Communication: Engaging in hobbies together encourages new conversations and interactions.
  • Stress Reduction: Enjoyable activities help alleviate anxiety, promoting a calm environment.
  • Quality Moments: Hobbies offer opportunities to relax and cherish time together before the baby’s arrival.

Tips and tricks for hobbies for pregnant couples

  • Choose Low-Impact Activities: Opt for hobbies that are safe for both the mother and the baby, such as prenatal yoga, walking, swimming, or gardening.
  • Stay Hydrated: It’s essential to drink plenty of water while engaging in any hobby to ensure proper hydration.
  • Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to how you feel during activities. If something doesn’t feel right, stop immediately and consult with your healthcare provider.
  • Avoid Risky Hobbies: Steer clear of hobbies that involve a high risk of falling or injury, such as skiing, horseback riding, or intense sports.
  • Take Breaks: Remember to take breaks and rest when needed. Pregnancy can be physically demanding, so it’s important to listen to your body’s signals.
  • Communicate: Share your hobby plans with your partner and make sure they are aware of any limitations or precautions you need to take while pregnant.
  • Prenatal Classes: Consider joining prenatal classes tailored to expecting couples. These classes can provide guidance on safe exercises and activities during pregnancy.

Be smart: Multitask and take hobbies for pregnant couples to the next level

elevate pregnancy with multitasking

Making the most out of your hobbies during pregnancy can significantly enhance your experience and bonding as a couple. Here are some innovative ways to elevate your hobby time together:

  • Integrate Learning with Entertainment: While engaging in hobbies like painting or crafting, enhance the experience by listening to audiobooks from platforms like or This not only makes the hobby more enjoyable but also allows you to learn something new together.
  • Expand Your Skills: Consider taking online courses related to your hobby. Websites such as or udemy offer a wide range of courses that can help you advance in your hobby in an affordable way. Whether it’s gardening, cooking, or any other activity, learning new techniques or recipes can add an exciting dimension to your hobby time.

Discover AI Hobby Suggestions

explore artificial intelligence hobbies

Our Fully Personalized AI Hobby Generator offers a unique opportunity for pregnant couples to deepen their connection by recommending hobbies in an ultra-personalized way.

Here’s how it works:

  • You start with an Initial Consultation through our Chatbot. The Chatbot engages you in a conversation, asking a few simple questions to grasp your needs and the type of hobby you’re interested in pursuing.
  • The more details you share, the better the results. Our system is crafted to understand your preferences deeply, ensuring tailored recommendations that align closely with your interests.
  • Based on your responses, we then provide a list of hobbies that are tailored specifically for you. We offer a selection of hobbies customized just for you. These suggestions are uniquely yours, guaranteeing that you discover activities that genuinely resonate with your tastes and preferences.

Final thoughts

reflecting on life s lessons

Exploring hobbies can significantly enrich your journey to parenthood, offering a unique blend of creativity, connection, and relaxation. Find more activities for couples in our article on the best hobbies for couples.

As you anticipate the arrival of your little one, remember:

  1. Bonding over shared hobbies strengthens your relationship.
  2. Creative activities offer a peaceful escape, reducing stress.
  3. Engaging in hobbies together enhances communication and emotional well-being.
  4. Preparation for baby’s arrival becomes more enjoyable through shared interests.

These points highlight the profound impact hobbies can have on your pregnancy experience. By choosing activities that foster relaxation, bonding, and preparation, you’re not just passing the time. You’re building a foundation of love, teamwork, and shared memories that will support your growing family for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Good Hobbies During Pregnancy?

Consider meditating, reading, or coloring for relaxation. Get creative with knitting or painting. Stay healthy with yoga or walking. These activities will boost your well-being.

What Can I Do for My Pregnant Partner?

You can pamper your pregnant partner by planning cozy date nights, joining them in prenatal yoga, helping organize the nursery, attending childbirth classes together, and collaborating on baby names and the registry. Show your unwavering support.

How Can I Spice up My Relationship While Pregnant?

To spice up your relationship during pregnancy, plan regular date nights, cook together, try prenatal yoga, and share the excitement of choosing baby names. These activities deepen your connection while awaiting your little one.

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